IR Exec Search

for search & selection agencies

IR Recruit

for CV database and recruitment agencies

IR Partner

white label solutions for partners

IR Enterprise

for in-house recruitment systems

Intelligent Resourcing is a radical new software suite developed specifically to set new standards for search and selection excellence across the recruitment industry. We provide:

A powerful data analytical product set with management and search tools suite to provide enhanced search, data analytics and management tools


Data security and technology experts to provide a comprehensive set of services and expertise to enhance your candidate search and selection systems

A clear pricing structure with fixed price contracts, so you won’t get any unexpected surprises.

Integration with in-house HR data or external candidate data such as LinkedIn

Experienced staff with first-hand knowledge and experience of external or in-house recruitment processes and procedures

Access to a dedicated Project Manager throughout the duration of the initial implementation

On-premise or Cloud-based solutions

In-depth understanding of the GDPR requirements and how they should be met.

Ongoing interrogation, search and compliance services that continue to provide the services and insurance that you need.

Search and Select

The Intelligent Resourcing Search and Select core module is available as either an on-site or Cloud-based service offering to enhance the search and selection process across all of the sources of your candidate data, including CVs, HR databases, previous or current job applications and LinkedIn. We provide tools that collate and index all such data to provide instant matching and ranking of candidates to the Job Description or personal specification. The system highlights and weights the qualities and attributes of the selected candidates to the requirements of the role and selected candidate data can be extracted and saved in a Case Management system.

Extended Candidate Pool

The system can be configured to search across a disparate candidate data pool, including in-house HR databases, CV Libraries, textual documents such as correspondence and application forms and external data sources such as LinkedIn. Modules are available to integrate each of these sources, the data from which is imported into the system and indexed.

Candidate Selection and Notification

Once candidates are chosen, the system can be integrated into email and text messaging systems to notify the candidate of the opportunity. Candidates who confirm their interest will be shortlisted and moved into a shortlist.


Having a comprehensive knowledge of the talent at their disposal is often problematic for major corporations or not for profit organisations.   Who might be best suited for upcoming roles or projects? Are there transferable skills or broader experience sets that could be of use in a particular role? Would an international perspective be of benefit? If so, are details of employees of international organisations with multiple bases kept on separate servers? Traditional recruitment/search software products will frequently miss potentially strong candidates because of the age and limitations of the technology they are based on. It provides an organisation with a powerful tool that can build and manage conceptual talent pools in advance of any particular organisational need; be that internal or internet based. It can produce automated summaries of personnel, generate candidate shortlists and allow quick and easy communication via e-mail or SMS.