The General Data Protection Regulation is a new European directive designed to improve and unify the way that organisations operating across the EU collect, handle, process and store personal data including HR records and job applications.

Set for enforcement from May 2018, the GDPR supersedes the Data Protection Act 1998 in the UK to expand the requirements of storing personal data, improve information governance and impose more stringent sanctions on organisations that suffer a data security breach.

Intelligent Resourcing enables all of these records to be accessed but we also have in-built compliance tools. Whilst we have separate tools to ensure GDPR compliance, the requirement to protect personal data has been central to the design considerations as well as to integrate the ongoing capability to comply with the regulations. For example, personal data can be retrieved from LinkedIn whilst the individual is seeking employment but may be removed later if the individual requests.

Intelligent Resourcing is also able to provide a range of GDPR compliance services:

Product or Service

Service Description

GDPR Gap Analysis Get a detailed assessment showing your organisation’s current GDPR compliance position, and a remediation plan to address the gaps and risks.
GDPR Data Flow Audit Get an inventory of the personal data held and shared by your organisation, and a data flow map of your processes.
Data protection impact assessment (DPIA) Get an assessment of the data protection risks associated with your new process and a remediation plan to mitigate those risks.
GDPR transition services Get support adapting your existing data protection programme to the GDPR.

This includes:

·       Data protection frameworks

·       Policies and procedures

·       Data processor management

·       Information security

·       Incident management

·       International data transfers

·       Compliance documentation


In-house GDPR training and awareness In addition to our certified GDPR training courses, we deliver awareness sessions specifically tailored to your organisation’s requirements.