Know the people your competitors don’t.

The ground-breaking Intelligent Resourcing product is a game changer for recruitment. Its forensic search capabilities are not hamstrung by the limitations of keywords, check boxes or database fields. Rather, it looks for related concepts within CVs and other candidate-associated files such as application letters, consultants notes, interview and reference reports. It then relates all of this information to the requirements of the role and calculates a highly accurate relevance score.


Shorten the odds of a great shortlist.

Talk to almost anyone who works in the recruitment sector, regardless of which area of the industry, and they will bemoan the limitations of their search software. This is as true in the world of executive search as it is mid-market recruitment agencies or in the realm of CV repositories. When it comes to search, the industry standard software suites are not particularly user-friendly. They are essentially blunt instruments, lacking precision and accuracy and all too often bring back limited results; even in the context of searching a recruitment company’s own CV database. Many executive search consultants say that they don’t actually use the software, other than as a CRM tool, for that reason.

Every executive search and selection and recruitment company trumpets its search expertise and capability to potential clients, seeking to differentiate themselves from competitors with claims of the depth and breadth of their sector knowledge, their national or international networks and their ability to find fresh talent. In reality, however, it often comes down to who the individual consultant/s know or who might be turned up by a search in their company’s CV database or legacy system. These systems are often obsolescent and unable to deliver high-speed, reliable, intuitive and consistent search capabilities. Intelligent Resourcing delivers all of these – along with a real, competitive advantage.

Software for hard searches.

Intelligent Resourcing provides a unique and innovative range of products and services to enhance your recruitment and selection process. And because we link to all of your candidate data, we also provide systems and expertise to ensure that you comply with all data security and information governance regulations, such as GDPR.